CVE-2018-1068 Amazon Linux Security Advisory for kernel: ALAS2-2018-971

漏洞类别:Amazon Linux



Out-of-bounds write via userland offsets in ebt_entry struct in netfilter/ebtables.c:A flaw was found in the Linux kernel’s implementation of 32-bit syscall interface for bridging. This allowed a privileged user to arbitrarily write to a limited range of kernel memory. (CVE-2018-1068 )


Allows unauthorized disclosure of information; allows unauthorized modification; allows disruption of service.


Please refer to Amazon advisory ALAS-2018-971 for affected packages and patching details, or update with your package manager.

Following are links for downloading patches to fix the vulnerabilities:

ALAS-2018-971: Amazon Linux 2 (kernel (4.9.85-47.59.amzn2) on noarch)

ALAS-2018-971: Amazon Linux 2 (kernel (4.9.85-47.59.amzn2) on x86_64)

ALAS-2018-971: Amazon Linux 2 (kernel (4.9.85-47.59.amzn2) on src)

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