CVE-2017-12629 Fedora Security Update for lucene4 (FEDORA-2017-f1535b86fa)




Fedora has released security update for lucene4 to fix the vulnerability.

Affected OS:
Fedora 26
Fedora 25


This vulnerability could be exploited to gain partial access to sensitive information. Malicious users could also use this vulnerability to change partial contents or configuration on the system. Additionally this vulnerability can also be used to cause a limited denial of service in the form of interruptions in resource availability.


Fedora has issued updated packages to fix this vulnerability.

For more information about the vulnerability and obtaining patches, refer to the following Fedora security advisories :
Fedora 26 Update
Fedora 25 Update

Following are links for downloading patches to fix the vulnerabilities:

FEDORA-2017-f1535b86fa: Fedora 26

FEDORA-2017-f1535b86fa: Fedora 25

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